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1. Date of Establishment and History
  Union Bank of Taiwan was the third private-owned bank approved by the government to be established in the awakening of banking liberalization and globalization. The founders of the Bank shared a common interest of running a perpetual business and together they set up the preparatory office on Mar. 29, 1989 and business operation initiated on Jan. 21, 1992. The Bank was officially listed on the OTC on Sep. 19, 1995 and the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporate on Jun. 29, 1998, and has now become a widely acclaimed and recognized listed company. The Bank has set up the Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office in Vietnam and Hong Kong Representative Office in Hong Kong for internationalization on February 25, 1998 and August 24, 1999, respectively. To expand business channels and the scale of operations, the Bank has acquired Chung Shing Bank unconditionally on March 19, 2005.
2. Merger, Acquisition, Reinvestment in Affiliated Enterprises and Corporate Restructure for 2016 and Current Year Up to the Printing Date of the Annual Report
  The bank has subsidiaries such as Union Finance & Leasing International Corporation, Union Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd., Union Information Technology Corp. and Union Finance Ltd.. Meanwhile, in order to effectively consolidate business resources and improve capital structure, The Bank merged with Union Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd in August 2016.
3. Form of Organization
  The Bank is a commercial bank limited by shares. Meanwhile, the Bank is not a member of a financial holding company.
4. Major Change in or Transfer of Shareholding of Directors, Supervisors and Persons Requiring to Register Such Change Pursuant to Article 25-3 of the Banking Law and Changes in Management Rights and Methods or Other Significant Changes
  The Bank has embraced the corporate philosophy ˇ§Enthusiasmˇ¨, Soundnessˇ¨, ˇ§Efficiencyˇ¨ and ˇ§Innovationˇ¨ since its establishment to offer financial and banking services that match public demand. We have assigned professional managers to manage each major business division. Our shareholder composition only changed slightly in 2009. There was no major transfer or change in shareholding of directors, supervisors or persons required to register such change pursuant to Article 25-3 of the Banking Law.
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